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The Dollhouse (Chapter 2)I watched him pick up both cups of coffee and bring them back.
He looked down at his cup. “Ready to try quote on quote the best coffee in the world?”
I chuckled. “Count us off.”
“Alright,” he gulped. “On three; one, two, three.”
I chugged a sip down, it burned my tongue but it tasted good. “Mmm, not bad. How’s yours taste?”
“Not like Nutella, but good, for something Gabby didn’t make.” He chuckled.
I smiled. “So back to the project, want to do ‘The Scarlet Ibis?’”
He nodded. “It’s pretty easy, since I know it by heart. But I’ll read it tonight as a review.”
“I’ll read it too, is the story on the guidebook?”
“I’m not sure, but I’ll let you borrow my copy, I’ll bring it to class. Maybe you can finish it during lunch, it’s not very long.”
I took another  sip of my coffee and put my English binder away
 The second chapter of a beautifully done store.

GraveyardAn empty street, a broken boulevard,
where the songs of souls cry out.
The wicked banished, the kindred mourned
the spirits that screamed and shout.
Ribbons rested our hands entwined,
red for the blood they shed.
Shaking cold shivers and cold rainy skin,
standing for the hearts that bled.
Dastardly ghosts danced in dead hearts,
seeping words and lies.
The depressed had deemed their poison,
“Take me, so I shall die.”
Some among the fallen be foolish,
who follow in others' folly.
Yet one may not dance with the devil once,
and all among be sorry.
A ribbon 'round the finger to remember,
and ours as red as rose.
We see the tears and hear the cries,
of a thousand lives disposed.
An empty street, a broken boulevard,
one shall not come near.
The wicked cease, the kindred silent,
for all those once so dear.
 A masterful work with so much lovely imagery.

Gothic Horror PieceUntitled Gothic Horror Piece

En una noche oscura,
con ansias, en amores inflamada,
¡oh dichosa ventura!,
salí sin ser notada,
estando ya mi casa sosegada

(On a dark night, Kindled in love with yearnings – oh, happy chance! –
I went forth without being observed, My house being now at rest.)
~St. John of the Cross
The fluorescent lights, those that are even producing light, flicker here and there in an almost mesmerizing pattern. The faded yellow paint, presumably led, is peeling. Small pools of debris and yellow paint chips rest peacefully in the corners of the cold, less than welcoming waiting room. Each of the uncomfortable chairs in the room have their metal frames exposed from under the multicoloured, faded cushioning. A child in oddly bright blue corduroys picks at either the exposed padding of his chair, or his nose, with like enthusiasm like clockwork. Chair. Nose. Chair. Nose. His mother, presumably his
 Stunning work which carries its tone and mood the full length.

Just A Sip by jxsnyder Unforgotten Time by IreneHorvath


Contemplation by SpookyBjorn Spring is coming ~ advanced sketch by hunnyclover Redemption Palace by tjota

These artists have done some phenomenal work! Please take a moment to look at their works and enjoy the rest of their galleries!

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